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You can fish with us daily from dawn until dusk. Our lakes are open for matches and pleasure anglers.
Please call ahead to book matches - 01522 796000.


Day ticket: £7.50
Summer evening ticket: £5
Season ticket (1st April – 31st March): £150
Please note residents are still required to pay for fishing at the park


You’ll see a variety of fish in our lakes, including Mirror Carp, Common Carp, Chub, Barbel, F1s, Ide, Perch, Roach and Tench.

Please read our rules
Our Lakes

Doughnut Lake

No. of pegs = 10

Our second smallest lake located next to our glamping pods and surrounded by woodland. A relaxing spot close to nature.

Horseshoe Lake

No. of pegs = 32

One of our larger lakes, and as the name suggests, shaped like a horseshoe. Located in the middle of our park and one of the busier spots.

Mallard Lake

No. of pegs = 26

A beautiful lake at a distance from our accommodation dotted with woodland islands.

Canal Lake

No. of pegs = 26

A long thin, L-shaped lake located next to the main lake and our static caravans and luxury lodges.

Conservation Lake

This lake is not currently open for fishing. 

Our smallest lake located in a beautiful, secluded spot, surrounded by fields and woodland. Keep following for updates on when this lake will open for fishing.

Main Lake

Ornamental Lake

This lake is not open for fishing. Located in the middle of the canal lake and mallard lake, close to our static caravans and luxury lodges. This lake is a beautiful scenic spot for a walk or to sit and take in the surrounding natural beauty.

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